The Kaiku Project

Milla was brought up on a small island in the Archipelago Sea in Finland. The harsh conditions of the Nordic landscape, the rapidly changing temperature throughout the year and the dramatic change in light act as the main inspirations for the Kaiku Project.

The project began in 2012. While working and researching for the project Milla visited and lived on several small islands in the Finnish archipelago including two summers at the Bengtskär lighthouse.

The Kaiku Project takes its inspiration from the long history of storytelling in Finnish culture while using modern narrative techniques to create a world which respects tradition and engages modern audiences. Kaiku is an audio-visual project structured around a core narrative. The project features a series of short music films, The Kaiku Series and a book titled Kaiku.

The Kaiku series

The Kaiku Series explores the Nordic nature. Rooted in the fictional narrative of the book Kaiku it depicts the harsh, dramatically changing elements of the north.

The first short film in the Kaiku Series, ‘The Old Woman’ is an exploration of solitude through sound and image and portrays the landscape of an old woman called Aino’s soul. The film represents the barrenness of the Nordic landscape.

Talviuni’ (Hibernation) is the second short film from the Kaiku Series. The film is inspired by the silence and stillness of the Nordic winter and the sense of waiting for spring. The film represents the silence of the Nordic landscape.

Hunting for an Echo‘ is a mini documentary about the landscape that inspired the Kaiku Project. Shot over the course of two years in the Archipelago Sea in Finland, the un-narrated documentary portrays a barren landscape and a short glimpse of island life nestled between the granite rocks and the open sea.

Kaksi‘ (Two) is the third short film from the Kaiku Series. The film is inspired by the narrative of the book Kaiku and plays with the duality of the two protagonists Aino and her echo Kaiku.

The Book

Kaiku is an illustrated, fictional book. Set in and inspired by the Nordic landscape of the Finnish archipelago, Kaiku tells the story of a reclusive Shaman, a flute playing girl called Aino and her echo Kaiku. A vision of two women with the same face set the reclusive Shaman on a journey from his dark forest cabin to the barren, windswept shores of a lighthouse.

The protagonists of the story face the harshness and the isolation brought by the landscape and each of their lives is a manifestation of learning and surviving by the stipulations of nature. Music and sound in the natural world become ways of connecting, coping and conveying feelings in the dialogue-less story of Kaiku.

Set over the course of a year in the isolation of a small island Kaiku is the result of a long-running fascination with traditional narrative, folklore and the natural environment.








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