‘The land far away north that experienced warmth for only a very brief moment had learned how to survive. It knew that there was no point in hastiness, which made one make mistakes more easily. This land knew its pace. It followed an ancient rhythm which had been ingrained in it over generations. Its people were hardened by the winds which haunted the treetops and played on the frozen lakes with a biting tongue. This land was not dead and it was not forgotten, it might have grown small and crooked like an angry little bush but it knew a strength which far bigger trees had never possessed.’ -Kaiku

Talviuni’ (Hibernation) is the second short film from the Kaiku Series and is based on the book titled Kaiku. The film is inspired by the silence and stillness of the Nordic winter and the sense of waiting for spring. Through simulated heartbeats the soundtrack gives rhythm to the frozen landscape. The film was shot in the Finnish lake district and the Astuvansalmi rock paintings at the shores of lake Yövesi, which is part of the large lake Saimaa.

Talviuni‘ premiered at FIFIG – Festival International du Film Insulaire 18th-22nd August in Groix, France.

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